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Eric Hafner

Eric Hafner

Founder, Managing Principal & Team Leader

Eric Hafner PE, is the team Founder and Managing Principal for FastGrid Energy.

Eric has led multiple engineering teams in the design of electrical distribution, low voltage communications, and renewable energy systems for multiple market sectors. Eric has served as the lead technical expert in the development of energy projects ranging from small off-grid installations in Haiti, to multiple site distributed solar generation, to the development of utility scale multi-MW projects in the US and in Guam.

Eric understands that having the technical requirements of a project defined early in the development process significantly increases successful conclusion, nd has established robust and tested programs to implement our partner’s projects. Eric’s experience and expertise in the technical development of renewable and energy storage projects provides a unique understanding of the current market and facilitates the evaluation of complex energy systems for investment and execution to save money and increase returns.

Eric Hafner is a certified Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona. He was also appointed by the Governor to be a Board Member of the Arizona School Facilities Board. Eric Hafner holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Wyoming.


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