At FastGrid, we believe installing a microgrid should be as easy as using one.

FastGrid fabricates and sells innovative microgrid solutions that can provide an alternative to the extension of the utility while remaining capable of working in concert with the grid. FastGrid manufactures and sells a modular all-in-one solution that provides power and purifies water for our customers. The FastGrid Product line is designed to provide these micro-utilities in a distributed installation with the ability to expand and support our customers’ future growth. FastGrid individual products are designed to be standardized so that they are economical and easily installed.

FastGrid Solo Key Microgrid Industries

A flexible solution for multiple applications makes a FastGrid Solo ideal for you company's power needs.

FastGrid Energy Microgrid for Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, a new source of power is often needed at a moment's notice. FastGrid Solo is designed to provide reliable, clean and protected power quickly, efficiently and easily.

FastGrid Energy Microgrid for Events


Every event is a big event, and can often pose a big logistical challenge. At FastGrid, we get that. Better yet, we've developed a solution designed to take providing power off your list of pressing concerns.

FastGrid Energy Microgrid for Remote Off-Grid

Remote Off-Grid

The hallmarks of microgrid technology – efficiency, flexibility, and customization are also the hallmarks of our modular microgrid solution. When you need power in remote applications FastGrid is your solution.


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