FastGrid Engineering

FastGrid provides engineering from project inception through construction.  Our design process ensures that our customer's projects are engineered with precision while protecting their investment and guaranteeing longevity.  Let us show you how we can design an innovative solution to  match your investment strategy.


Development engineering

Establishing the design strategy early is key to a successful project, and when innovation is guided by strong objectives the results can be astounding.

Our early stage development support ensures our clients find the right path to successfully funding and building their project.  Our team is experienced in the evaluation of conventional and alternative energy systems and can provide our clients the necessary tools to make the right decision for their investments.

FastGrid can deliver multiple scenarios for varying budgets with concise and clear analysis so that as a developer you can be assured you have the optimal solution right from the beginning.

Project Engineering

FastGrid and its partners can provide detailed project engineering for permits and contractor bids.  Our engineering team understands that effectively communicating great design is just the first step in constructing a project, and executing in partnership with the builder and customer can yield extraordinary results.

FastGrid specializes in Electrical and Low Voltage communications infrastructure design, and with its group of market leading partners can also provide Mechanical, Plumbing and Structural design services to create a singular approach to engineering your next project.



Construction Administration and Fabrication

Our construction administration service helps our customers complete their investment by ensuring the final product matches the goals and strategies established early in the early design phases.  FastGrid can provide traditional and more specialized construction administrative roles during the critical build stage of your project.

FastGrid can also provide fabrication and logistics services for containerized energy projects.  See how FastGrid's Solo product can deliver a cleaner, more reliable and cost effective off-grid or grid-interactive solution.

At FastGrid we believe in working collaboratively with your builders to ensure everyone's success.